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“Always bringing in the lush summer vibes with a smile, this band never disappoints.” Nkechi Anele (Roots N All, Triple J)

Style: 'Coastal-Roots'

Inspired by the laid-back lifestyle, MUFASSA spends most of his time on the road with his family, blending and looping an array of guitars, vocals & percussion, telling stories of community spirit, family connection and of love!


An ambassador for YouTurn Youth Support (Sunshine Coast), MUFASSA is at the grassroots level raising awareness and support for youth mental health, volunteering his time to inspire the next generation.


Since 2020, MUFASSA has been facilitating music workshops and events up in the Gulf Country of Queensland. ~ Check out the vids on the Tube ~ “I didn’t understand much about our countries culture growing up, for some reason it wasn’t taught in our schools 🤔 Now, I take every opportunity I can to immerse myself in it. The more I can connect to the land and to its people, those who protect it, the more I can learn about myself and pass that knowledge onto my kids.” MUFASSA


MUFASSA draws influence from a multitude of musical storytellers including Mike Love (for his passion), Paul Kelly (for his honesty) and Archie Roach (for his legacy).


If you’re lucky, you might catch MUFASSA with his band ‘The Pride’ at A ‘Funky Reggae Party’ near you! These ‘Sun-Soaked-Coastal-Roots’ groovers are drenched in dance floor rhythms, drawing traditional reggae influence, boasting vibe-a-licious melodies, fleshy bass lines and silky 3-part vocal harmonies, hinting to the likes of Mike Love, Fat Freddy’s Drop and Paul Simon (Graceland Album).


New EP coming in 2023!


LATEST SOLO EP: ‘Life In The Left Hand Land’ (Easy-Listening, Acoustic)

I’ve been working on this EP the past few years as I travelled around Australia with my family in our caravan. The many long roads and remote landscapes provided ample time for reflection and creativity. Each song has been recorded with my good friend and mentor, Brian Goodworth at Big Rock Studio’s (Mount Coolum) on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, my home. Aside from the banjo parts, I recorded each instrument and vocal on this EP, something that I am extremely proud of!


“Music forms the soul of our community, it tells stories, shares knowledge, inspires us and brings people together through some of the most honest and vulnerable self-expressions. Without music, we lose those exceptionally unique experiences that fuel our lifelong memories and connections. Now more than ever, music is an invaluable asset to our health and wellbeing, as individuals and as a collective!” This EP is my contribution of healing to the world, our community!


"A shady spot in the countryside, the smell of campfires in the air and a wonderful indie folk track that definitely deserves to be heard. This was at least the first image that came to mind when we listened to the new single 'Butterflies' by the Australian artist Mufassa. Also, in terms of the artwork it becomes clear that we were not so bad with our first thought." -Berlin On Air


Listen Now:


East to West, North to South, life is a combination of sand, salt and sounds for this musical journeyman!


Host MUFASSA at your place with Parlour Gigs:


QUOTES: “Always bringing in the lush summer vibes with a smile, this band never disappoints.” Nkechi Anele (Roots N All, Triple J)


"With sweet surfer reggae riffs, teamed with lyrics that lure you to your happy place, Blue Sky is the perfect tune to slide into your Spring/Summer soundtrack" - Nikki G, Noosa FM


“Blessed by the ocean, fly through the trees, do what makes you happy & follow your dreams.” – MUFASSA

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